Zackery relaxing at The Tattler

Zackery relaxing at The Tattler

We are so excited to start offering Fine Art Portraiture. Here is a sneak peek into what we have been creating. This particular photo will be printed as Wall Art and displayed in our studio in a majestic frame that he will be able to pass down to his children.  I like the idea of photos that we can pass down generations, don’t you?   This is a great way for him to be remembered for sure.  

If you are looking for a creative photoshoot, let’s talk!  We can create what interests YOU.  This young man looked so dapper and looked like it was from another time.   I love his glorious, long locks of curly hair!  (He just so happens to be my son and got his awesome hair from me lol.) I wanted to photograph him before he moved out of our glorious state of Texas.  (MAYBE one day he will move back… a mom can dream.) I’m pretty thrilled with how this portrait came out and I will personally cherish it for a very long time.

This photo was taken at The Tattler, upstairs from Speakeasy Coffee in Quitman, Texas. It is one of our FAV places to go! You HAVE to check it out!!! Downstairs (Speakeasy Coffee) is the BEST coffee you have ever had and oooohhh the yummy pastries! Say hi to the owner, Kelly Kieke!  She is the best!

My fav coffee: Greta Garbo. It is a specialty Latte with Cinnamon & Honey.  My hubby loves the Al Capone. It is a latte with vanilla and caramel bourbon flavoring.

Our fav breakfasts: Morning Glory Muffin and their raspberry scones, oh and their kolaches.  Um, pretty much anything they have! lol

Then upstairs, it’s just … AWESOME!  It’s called The Tattler and of course my hubby and I have a membership there.  We can take guests, so come join us!  They have After Hours Live Music, Dancing, and all kinds of fun specialty days.  We love going! We spent our New Years Eve there and welcomed in the New Year. They even offer yoga up there.  (I also love using this room for Boudoir photos!  oooh la la!)


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